Welcome to Aunt Bee’s Kitchen, where you will learn to preserve the harvest
with old fashioned quality and modern safety.

Lessons with Aunt Bee

Aunt Bee’s Kitchen in Redding, California is where everything is about food and safety in a relaxed and convenient location. You’ll want to join us over and over for our unique classes where you are sure to meet some friends, pick up some new kitchen skills and enjoy fabulous food! Our classes are small, our instructors really know their stuff and a great time is had by all! Ready to dive right in?


Class Basics to Seasonal Harvests

There are tons of great classes to choose from at Aunt Bee’s Kitchen, both in the evenings and on weekends. We’ve got a great class schedule, including Canning Bootcamp, Preserving the Season: Citrus, Preserving the Season: P is for Pickling, Hiker’s Delight – Dehydrating Foods, Jr. Jams and Jellies, Preserving the Season: Strawberries, Preserving the Season: A is for Asparagus, and more! Check out our class calendar for the complete schedule.


Fun for Groups, Kids & More…

Aunt Bee’s Kitchen has it all (and if we don’t, make a suggestion for a class you want to take or a skill you would like to master).  We even offer fun classes for kids! 

Bring a friend, meet some new ones or set up a memorable private party. Join us for a few hours of fun at Aunt Bee’s Kitchen and Preserve the Harvest!

Step into our kitchen today!